Too Big coffee shop

With all the coffee joints sprouting faster than anything, here’s another one spotted in Namcheon 남천 on a road near the subway. The street where it is located feels so homey because it’s near the market and apartment complex. 

Prices for the drinks are reasonable. They also have yogurt smoothies that I have to try yet. Interior design is modernly arranged and if I do have a minute or two, I might just try to stay for a drink. What I ordered here was an iced café mocha. Since I was the only customer, the barista served my drink up pretty fast (good service!) My coffee was a teeny bit sweet cause the ice hasn’t settled in yet. 

This kind of coffee shops are good for those who are in a hurry but want to have their coffee fix in a breeze. 

P.S. My photography skills need a bit of brush up. Kinda shy to snap in public ya know.


Reminiscing in my old blog… Aww.

My perspective three years ago still holds true up to now.

And there it is again. The natural high kicks in, the happy hormones are engulfing me in such a way that nobody can ever imagine. I am physically tired but this feeling is incredible! No words can explain how happy I am. The reason? I have no idea. There’s just a glitter of hope to look for in the corners of this earth.

When you consider the smallest of things and find beauty in them, you do not get disappointed .There are too many debris of these small things around and sometimes they lead to something with depth. They possess the beauty a person like you would never recognize your entire lifetime. How flat.

Ever considered a thunderclap and lightning of aesthetic substance?

Notice how vast the universe is and how invisible you are in that system?

There are just too many things to prey on. It is not the superficiality of these things that make them so special. It’s you, your appreciation that changes how you view what’s there and what’s not.

Why can’t you take time to do the same? I swear you’ll never go disappointed with this one.

Hello, 2014!

It’s a brand new year! 

I have to be fully dedicated to my goals this year.

From this point forward, I am going to start living – making every moment count – instead of constantly worrying about my future.

Making everyday goals to reach certain milestones is a way to lessen my worry and add points to my achievement bar.

This blog is gonna be hella active. Haha. See you later, blogs!

Weekends end at home.

I’m planning to spend the rest of the weekend at home. No ifs and buts, just plain stating the facts.

A few days ago, I visited my doctor to check my throat. It’s a follow-up checkup for my condition which occurred last July. I had swollen salivary glands which lead to enlarged lymph nodes due to a blockage in my glands. The cause of it was varied. I had high dosage medication at that time and I thought I was in the brink of insanity due to those medications. Eventually, I got better (thank God!) and now I just had to follow it up with my doctor.

He said I need to stay away from the following: coffee, juice, tea, shakes, liquor, yogurt, and even milk. (oh, all the good things!) According to him, my acid reflux is developing and I need to be wary of my consumption of drinks and food (no chocolates and spicy food!)

I need to just drink water and water and plenty of those transparent stuff called water.

I’m in no position to oppose the doctor’s prescription. It’s just that it has been two days since I had coffee and I constantly have headaches because of it. Coffee jumpstarts my day and without it, I feel extremely drowsy. And when I feel drowsy in the morning, I will feel drowsy for the rest of the day. Thus, my headaches. I think its a withdrawal symptom of having caffeine in my system. 

*sigh* I have to adjust to living without colorful drinks. At least this will make me drop a few pounds. Yay!/Nay!

Well, today, I had my ice cold coffee. I need to wash it down with three glasses of water right away.