A dip in our current favorite beach – Haeundae beach (해운대)

The summer heat in South Korea has reached dangerous levels. People are finding ways to cool down even though it’s tough to stay outside for more than ten minutes.

Fortunately, Busan, the second biggest city located in the south, is surrounded by beautiful beaches and on the plus side, these beaches are accessible, too! By train, you can take the green line and take off at Haeundae. It’s a fifteen minute walk from the station.

The beach has lots of beach tents for everyone. You can even set up your own camping tent for your comfort. Lots of people were just enjoying the summer feel of the beach. Others, especially the kids, were bursting with energy dragging their parents to swim with them haha. There are also services offered such as floater rentals, showers (for a fee of 2000 won), and an air hose to blow off the sand off your feet after strolling.

Here are some pictures of our beach-y day.


At first, the weather was hot and sticky, but as you walk nearer the shore and away from the angry sun, you’d get to appreciate how beautiful this place is situated. The air became fresh and the water is cool! My son enjoyed playing in the water with my husband. As for me, I just enjoy watching them together. Momma needs to be the pretentious photographer, no?

Summer doesn’t have to be boring and expensive especially when you have a little man who is always ready for ANY adventure. Sometimes, as a mom, I would rather rest than go outdoors. However, I can’t just let this fatigue ruin my son’s aching love for discovering new things and new experiences. I’m happy that my husband is supportive of this and despite him being tired from work, he, too, finds ways to amuse our little pebble.



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