I have never felt more disconnected in my life. In this time and day of modern technology and fast-speed internet, there is a tendency to shut oneself of reality and instead immerse in the virtual world where we see what we want to see and strive for that artificial perfection to be a mirror of our own.

You see, it was simpler back then. It was way, way simpler than this.

I loved to watch my favorite series online but I still had time to do other things for the day. You can say, it was a productive one when things DO get done. Nowadays, I reminisce how my life was and in order for me to see what I have done in the past, I need to look it up in an internet vault of memories. This brings me to my dilemma: Am I not making new worthy memories because I am too busy to look back on what I used to be? Am I wasting my precious time looking at a screen when I can do something to really make a change in my life, in my son’s growth, in my personal growth?

I can’t help but feel disconnected despite all the virtual connections that are available. Facebook has just ruined it for me. It wants to be everything but in essence, is nothing. It wanted to cover interpersonal connections, news, business, and other matters but it fails to see the consequences of trying to fit everything in one platform.

It raises cases of depression among people.

It basically does more harm than good.

As for me, I need to curb my usage of this time waster.

I have to sort out how my life should be and not through someone else’s.


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