Plastic every time, everyday

Where do I start.

Some weeks ago, I was segregating our trash for recyclables. Here in Korea, recycling is a serious matter and it should be followed strictly. Back from where I came from, we didn’t really have these strict laws for recycling and segregating which is why I was really glad that I can do it them here.

But. (there’s always a but)

I have noticed the extreme use of plastic in everything. I noticed it first when we went into a restaurant and the server handed us some packets of wet wipes. At first, I thought it was so convenient and cute and hygienic way of giving us tissues. The, I saw it in individually packed straws. I mean. Straws. As well as spoons and forks in cafes and restaurants. It started to bother me. It bothered me all the more when they have this plastic gloves. Oh my goodness, who would do such thing? Apparently, it’s so normal here. People here use it for disposing trash without making their hands dirty. What a waste, right?

So, I asked my husband where do all these plastic materials go? Do they get recycled here or elsewhere? As far as I remember, we haven’t really found the elixir of plastic recycling. If so, then it wouldn’t wound up in our oceans. My husband’s response was “maybe. Why would we be recycling them then?” So I accepted that reason believing that these plastic materials go to a factory to be recycled.

Last night, I watched the news and the plastic materials were all just piled up neatly, in square shaped form, but not reformed. They were still the same as they were made. It made me very sad seeing this. I have been using plastic mindlessly and I am just adding more and more damage to my environment instead of minimizing and totally eliminating it.

It is high time for a wake-up call to everyone. It has been like this some decades ago but it’s becoming worse even without us knowing it.

It infuriates me how this society loves how everything is very much ‘disposable’. I believe it is up to me to change a bit of mindset in my own family. Showing a better example to my students and also exposing them to the effects of plastic usage will make them become more aware of looking after their environment.

Ideas, ideas, ideas.

This is what I am about to do next. Stay tuned.


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