Facebook: A modern virus

It has been happening for months now, or even a year. The mindless scrolling started out as a harmless way to kill time, to browse the recent activity of a friend or a family member, or even to read news tidbits.


I noticed something odd about the new version of Facebook. After reading enough in my newsfeed, naturally I just press the back button. This time, the app didn’t close. It refreshed the page instead. It’s comparable to a pinball game. Thus, the endless scrolling has begun.

And this happened for quite some time. I didn’t notice at first but the more I do it, the more that I can’t put my phone down. It made me lose time for myself, my focus for work, and precious time with my son.

I tried to limit my facebook usage by deleting the app, only to reinstall it later in the day. I really needed to address this situation.

When something is already becoming a nuance, the only thing to do is to cut the roots of what’s making you inefficient. As for me, I know deep in my thoughts that I will not stop using that stinking facebook app because it is my only window to the life back home. Also, there are many groups that help me in a number of ways like the minimalism group, moms group, and other community groups out there.

Maybe we all have to stop sharing our lives because we are not merely existing to just seek validation from what we post online.

Maybe internet has so much more to offer than wasting our time mindlessly scrolling our lives away.

The fact that I have seen the problem makes me more encouraged to deal with it and talk about it. The app itself is not helpful to curb one’s growing addiction to social media.

My life is not dictated by these sites. There is so much more to life.

And now, I end here. These are my 1:30 a.m. thoughts with a slightly feverish baby


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