The Weeklong Chuseok Holiday

Most families have their usual thanksgiving rituals and practices that require ample hours of preparation and some families choose to spend their holidays going somewhere to rest and relax. My family is a bit different and I see this set-up in a good way. I’m a working mom with two jobs plus I have to look after my little one when I get home. Thank heavens my mother in law lives with us so most of the chores are already done by her. This chuseok holiday, I took the time to really rest and spend time with my son. I know most moms can relate. Spending time with our offsprings is priceless. In my case, the need overpowers the want so I am here trying to balance both as a working mom.

I feel somehow that this holiday is not really about spending a lot and going somewhere lavish. I saw so many posts on facebook about families who go abroad or having vacations elsewhere. I used to feel sad that I couldn’t have vacations but looking at my situation now, it’s more of a breather that I stay home with my child. I bring him outside and have mini-dates with him. Those moments are indeed precious and I would never trade them for anything else. My husband also had the privilege to have this vacation. We both try our best to give time to our child. He is growing up and he would soon go to daycare. We will definitely miss the moments that he would always wait for us to get home from work or to even give us a goodbye kiss before we go to our respective workplaces.

I am happy with my chuseok holidays. I hope the other daughter-in-laws are having some quality rest too.


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