The start of September

Recently, I haven’t had the time to do some writing therapy or blogging or whatsoever related about writing. Good thing is that the little human is asleep and I have some minutes to spare!

Let’s start. Today has been a productive and fun day. My husband fetched me after work and we wandered around my workplace. Quite honestly, I would love to live in this neighborhood and everything about it is plain perfect. I took a few shots of where we walked. 
These skyscrapers are facing the beautiful sea and a peaceful looking island. It’s like a hidden place because it’s not visited by a lot of people. Mostly residents are the ones you can see wandering about in this area. 

As the sun was about to set, I caught a glimpse of how beautiful the scenery is. It’s more breathtaking in real life. We wanted to spend more time here but the seats in the restaurants were already reserved. Probably because it’s a Friday so we figured out we can just dine out somewhere else. 

This place is located in Marine City, Busan. It’s beside the famous tourist spot Haeundae. 


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