Two weeks worth of binge watching TV series

After two weeks of binge watching “The Flash”, I found myself in a state of catatonia. I was hooked with that show until the very last episode. Now, my life is thirsty for more episodes of that show. The next season is going to air in two months and I need another TV show fix ASAP!

I got some recommendations from friends and I got a few ideas from them. I’m into the hero-type of shows after watching the movie “Wonderwoman”. Somehow, watching those types of shows releases creativity and fantasy in my brain the way that routine activities do not. I now understand why most people are into fantasy sci-fi games and such! I think I am  becoming one of them without being too obsessed about it. 

Of course, with every post, I will relate how all of these affect me as a mother. It’s the highlight of every guiding force that’s happening around me. Lol kidding. Seriously, I would love to watch as many shows as I could if only time could allow this. However, it is impossible to do many things at one just as impossible as being in two places at once. Unless you have dopplegangers. 

As a mom, we need to have our own time to release the stress and worries of everday life and struggles. I have found one channel to release these and it is through watching TV shows. Here in Korea, English TV shows and movies are a rarity. But there will always be a balance. Fortunately, they have really fast wi-fi connections. It’s such a blessing, I believe. I am still currently searching for ways to maximize my time wisely without having to sacrifice my quality time with my child. Believe me, it is possible if you try to make amends. 

Aside from watching TV shows in netflix or online streaming videos, you can also do blogging as a way of keeping track of your daily activities! In fact, what I do is both typing and writing down what happened during the day and as I do it, I also scan through previous writings and entries to do a self-check. I want to make sure that my mind and my soul are in check. It helps to talk to someone as well. In my case, I would rather type or write or read because sometimes, silence is indeed the answer. 

Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from. – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


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