Throwback Thursday

Whenever I hear the word Thursday, I often associate it with the word “throwback” without really knowing what it means. What is the etymology of such word? My guess is that it is a compound word made of “throw” and “back”, which basically means “throwing back memories of the past”. The lingo of words are so creative that if we trace down how it came to such morphology, we would figure out why such words came to a reality.

Speaking of throwback, I was on my way downtown in the subway while listening to music. As usual, my playlist is on shuffle. Funny thing is, I like skipping songs to listen to a few of my favorites (like just two of them). But today, I didn’t mind skipping some songs. I went with the flow. It’s as if my mind was on autopilot or something. Then this specific song came up. It made me feel a whole lot of feels. I listened to this specific song last winter and after that, I haven’t heard it for quite a long time. After I have listened to it, the feeling of cold in my skin, the fiber of clothes I was wearing, the wind blowing on my face, all these came into my senses as if I was living in that moment again. I guess it is really my personality – I am a nostalgic person. Anything that can evoke any nostalgic emotion appeals to me. It’s not odd but I love looking into the future as much as I love looking back in my past.

Now that it’s a throwback thursday, I think I’m going to post an old photo in my digital diary album a.k.a. Instagram


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