July 8, 2017. Saturday

People often say thank God it’s Friday, but I’m more thankful for Saturdays. I get to sleep longer and wake up a bit later than usual. I actually woke up at 7.30 am to tend to my son who tends to wake up super early but sleeps late very frequently. He went to his grandmother’s room and just played with her so I got some quality shut eye.

I had a deep sleep which is why I had complicated dreams during those daytime sleeping session. I hated how my dream went. I forgot what it was in detail but in my dream, I did so many wrong things. When I woke up, I had this relieving feeling that it was just a dream. And the better thing about it was that I saw my son sleeping beside me again. He must have felt tired playing in the morning. He woke up at 12 non and that means no more afternoon nap time for him. 

On a lighter note, I had quality time with family today. We brought our son to a kid’s cafe where there’s an indoor playground and at the same time, parents can sit down and have a cup of coffee and a glass of beer(?) It was a very eventful day and although I felts super dizzy because of my sinusitis (till now), I have managed to have some fun as well.

I am glad I have some time to sit down and blog. It’s like doing what I had done three years ago and it has not changed anything at all.

Today is also my bestfriend’s birthday. She is also 29 like me. we are growing old together in spirit. 

And now, i must go back to the usual mommy mode. My son has been watching a lot of shows on tv and gadgets that it scares everyone he might have eye problems or seizure or something. Until the next blog!


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