Birthday Celebrations

this day, the 7th of June 2017, marks my 29th birthday. To me, it was just a regular day as any other. My father told me that once you get older, celebrating birthdays will make you want for time to slow down a bit. I feel the same way now. After reaching the age of 25, I kinda stopped counting. So basically, in my mind, I am just 25 part 4, blah blah blah haha makes no sense but I sort of lost my sense of time after having a baby. Everything is a continuation of yesterday when I was 25. This sounds exaggerated but for most moms, this might be true. 

Here in Korea, people don’t really have the tradition of greeting someone once the clock hits 12 midnight. They wait the next day to actually have a decent meal or a birthday cake to say well wishes. After going to my doctor for a follow-up check on my nose, my husband and I went to this fancy looking restaurant in Dongbaek, Marine City. It’s a quaint place where you can see the Gwangan bridge from afar. The tables, chairs, hanging lamps, interior – all are perfect! Looks like a scene from one of the dreams in the movie Inception.

After work, I was able to finally reply to online greetings from friends and family. Despite the slightly harrowing distance which makes me miss how my life in my country was, those words, video calls, voice clips made me realize that I have and will always have connections with those people for the rest of my life.

At the end of the day, the all-time best gift is the gift of health and family. I can never be thankful enough that I have a loving family back home who takes time and effort and money to visit me and check up on me constantly, a rational yet adorable husband who never fails to make me realize a lot of life-related things, a mother in law who treats me as a daughter and friend, and the loveliest tiny human who always smiles and dances when he sees me go home from work. All these are possible because of how amazing our Lord is. 

Happy 29th birthday to me! 


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