A mom’s procrastination woes

Recently, I have been dreading the fact that I have to wake up early and prepare for my part-time job. Then, I need to travel for an hour going to my workplace. Afterwards, I need to prepare for my classes for that day. In between those tasks, I honestly believe that I am wasting my time looking down on my phone and trying to make sense of what’s in Facebook. This time, I have decided to address the problem and really try to solve it without being tempted to look at the procrastinating website.

Last night, I was so proud of myself. I finally had the chance to finish reading my book “Time Machine” I was so elated to think that now I have the freedom to choose another book to read! It made me giddy because I know that I have accomplished something worthwhile instead of burning energy looking at my phone.

So now, here are a few reminders of how I could use my time in a wisely fashion to make me feel productive. At least.

  1. Read a book.
  2. Print out some worksheets for my son.
  3. Learn a new language.
  4. Listen to motivational audio books.
  5. Start a new business by brainstorming and making feasibility studies.
  6. Try to learn how to clean better and more efficiently (house stuff)
  7. How to get rid of molds
  8. Using baking powder or soda for cleaning (specifics)
  9. Try to learn new recipes
  10. aaannddd I will think of new ones.

The list is endless. There are plenty of ways to entertain oneself as a mom. And it doesn’t need to be tiring and futile.

I know that using social networking sites for a long time does not give good results. And the funny thing is, even if I get back home, I still check those social networking sites! talk about being irresponsible! Ha ha, laughing aside. I still do my best to be a better version of myself everyday.

I will start today. 🙂


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