This blos vs. the old one

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you realize you have multiple blogs with slight title differences and that it is becoming so difficult to remember the passwords to those websites?

Apparently, I have a blog, my first one, and the title is very similar to this one. remove the word ‘the’ and you have another blog site. I miss that site. It’s what I used when xanga and other blog sites were down. Anyhoo, here it is.

Having that old blog is like looking at an old photograph or listening to a music way back when I was young. It’s so funny, I am growing up with technology. I wasn’t used to this but now it is a part of me and my memories. All these thoughts in my head are just, you know, just there, and I fear that someday the data in computers will be erased with all those memories and that makes me very anxious.Okay, let’s scrap away that anxiety.

From this point forward, I will try to do my best to update the blog and my written blog as well. I have a habit of buying notes but not writing on them. My lost hope I guess.

But now, additional effort to make things work will be enforced. I’m about to leave my husband’s office to have lunch with him and then we’ll go to the doctor for my chronic sinusitis and my son’s immunization.


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