Reminiscing in my old blog… Aww.

My perspective three years ago still holds true up to now.

And there it is again. The natural high kicks in, the happy hormones are engulfing me in such a way that nobody can ever imagine. I am physically tired but this feeling is incredible! No words can explain how happy I am. The reason? I have no idea. There’s just a glitter of hope to look for in the corners of this earth.

When you consider the smallest of things and find beauty in them, you do not get disappointed .There are too many debris of these small things around and sometimes they lead to something with depth. They possess the beauty a person like you would never recognize your entire lifetime. How flat.

Ever considered a thunderclap and lightning of aesthetic substance?

Notice how vast the universe is and how invisible you are in that system?

There are just too many things to prey on. It is not the superficiality of these things that make them so special. It’s you, your appreciation that changes how you view what’s there and what’s not.

Why can’t you take time to do the same? I swear you’ll never go disappointed with this one.


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