The work-home loop.


See that clear picture? This happens a lot to me. Lately, I’ve been satiated with work to the point of not wanting to go there anymore. When I am at work, I want to rest. When I am about to rest, I remember the amount of workload that I have and thus, leaves me restless. From this point on, a good breathing exercise is an immediate need.

A balance of life and work is all that it takes. Sounds easy but it is an actual process to go through. My work starts at 7:00 am and often finishes at 5:00-6:00 pm. When I get home, I just want to lie on bed, face down. Utterly devastating? Yes and no.

Let’s put things into perspective. As I write this blog, you will realize that it shifts from a tired point of view to a more gratifying act.

If you are not focused on your career or profession at this moment, do you think you would be able to attain what you have attained so far?

You are becoming a more productive part of the society. You can read this at the comfort of your home or in a cafe while you are busy doing papers for your Graduate studies class. There is a sense of belongingness that engulfs your being simply because you are part of a governing body in a specific field. The thing is you do not underestimate yourself and what you do for every step has its own glory.

 Do not get me wrong. I am neither suggesting for you to be a slave of your job nor be too relaxed that the amount of work you are doing is something that you deserve in its purest sense.

I’m simply letting you know that you’re doing okay. This is a sign – a message for you to realize that you need to have time for rest. Everyone does.

 Let weekends be week ‘ends’. Do not burden yourself with the Monday deadlines on your rest days.


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