Facebook: A modern virus

It has been happening for months now, or even a year. The mindless scrolling started out as a harmless way to kill time, to browse the recent activity of a friend or a family member, or even to read news tidbits.


I noticed something odd about the new version of Facebook. After reading enough in my newsfeed, naturally I just press the back button. This time, the app didn’t close. It refreshed the page instead. It’s comparable to a pinball game. Thus, the endless scrolling has begun.

And this happened for quite some time. I didn’t notice at first but the more I do it, the more that I can’t put my phone down. It made me lose time for myself, my focus for work, and precious time with my son.

I tried to limit my facebook usage by deleting the app, only to reinstall it later in the day. I really needed to address this situation.

When something is already becoming a nuance, the only thing to do is to cut the roots of what’s making you inefficient. As for me, I know deep in my thoughts that I will not stop using that stinking facebook app because it is my only window to the life back home. Also, there are many groups that help me in a number of ways like the minimalism group, moms group, and other community groups out there.

Maybe we all have to stop sharing our lives because we are not merely existing to just seek validation from what we post online.

Maybe internet has so much more to offer than wasting our time mindlessly scrolling our lives away.

The fact that I have seen the problem makes me more encouraged to deal with it and talk about it. The app itself is not helpful to curb one’s growing addiction to social media.

My life is not dictated by these sites. There is so much more to life.

And now, I end here. These are my 1:30 a.m. thoughts with a slightly feverish baby


The Weeklong Chuseok Holiday

Most families have their usual thanksgiving rituals and practices that require ample hours of preparation and some families choose to spend their holidays going somewhere to rest and relax. My family is a bit different and I see this set-up in a good way. I’m a working mom with two jobs plus I have to look after my little one when I get home. Thank heavens my mother in law lives with us so most of the chores are already done by her. This chuseok holiday, I took the time to really rest and spend time with my son. I know most moms can relate. Spending time with our offsprings is priceless. In my case, the need overpowers the want so I am here trying to balance both as a working mom.

I feel somehow that this holiday is not really about spending a lot and going somewhere lavish. I saw so many posts on facebook about families who go abroad or having vacations elsewhere. I used to feel sad that I couldn’t have vacations but looking at my situation now, it’s more of a breather that I stay home with my child. I bring him outside and have mini-dates with him. Those moments are indeed precious and I would never trade them for anything else. My husband also had the privilege to have this vacation. We both try our best to give time to our child. He is growing up and he would soon go to daycare. We will definitely miss the moments that he would always wait for us to get home from work or to even give us a goodbye kiss before we go to our respective workplaces.

I am happy with my chuseok holidays. I hope the other daughter-in-laws are having some quality rest too.

The start of September

Recently, I haven’t had the time to do some writing therapy or blogging or whatsoever related about writing. Good thing is that the little human is asleep and I have some minutes to spare!

Let’s start. Today has been a productive and fun day. My husband fetched me after work and we wandered around my workplace. Quite honestly, I would love to live in this neighborhood and everything about it is plain perfect. I took a few shots of where we walked. 
These skyscrapers are facing the beautiful sea and a peaceful looking island. It’s like a hidden place because it’s not visited by a lot of people. Mostly residents are the ones you can see wandering about in this area. 

As the sun was about to set, I caught a glimpse of how beautiful the scenery is. It’s more breathtaking in real life. We wanted to spend more time here but the seats in the restaurants were already reserved. Probably because it’s a Friday so we figured out we can just dine out somewhere else. 

This place is located in Marine City, Busan. It’s beside the famous tourist spot Haeundae. 

Two weeks worth of binge watching TV series

After two weeks of binge watching “The Flash”, I found myself in a state of catatonia. I was hooked with that show until the very last episode. Now, my life is thirsty for more episodes of that show. The next season is going to air in two months and I need another TV show fix ASAP!

I got some recommendations from friends and I got a few ideas from them. I’m into the hero-type of shows after watching the movie “Wonderwoman”. Somehow, watching those types of shows releases creativity and fantasy in my brain the way that routine activities do not. I now understand why most people are into fantasy sci-fi games and such! I think I am  becoming one of them without being too obsessed about it. 

Of course, with every post, I will relate how all of these affect me as a mother. It’s the highlight of every guiding force that’s happening around me. Lol kidding. Seriously, I would love to watch as many shows as I could if only time could allow this. However, it is impossible to do many things at one just as impossible as being in two places at once. Unless you have dopplegangers. 

As a mom, we need to have our own time to release the stress and worries of everday life and struggles. I have found one channel to release these and it is through watching TV shows. Here in Korea, English TV shows and movies are a rarity. But there will always be a balance. Fortunately, they have really fast wi-fi connections. It’s such a blessing, I believe. I am still currently searching for ways to maximize my time wisely without having to sacrifice my quality time with my child. Believe me, it is possible if you try to make amends. 

Aside from watching TV shows in netflix or online streaming videos, you can also do blogging as a way of keeping track of your daily activities! In fact, what I do is both typing and writing down what happened during the day and as I do it, I also scan through previous writings and entries to do a self-check. I want to make sure that my mind and my soul are in check. It helps to talk to someone as well. In my case, I would rather type or write or read because sometimes, silence is indeed the answer. 

Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from. – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Throwback Thursday

Whenever I hear the word Thursday, I often associate it with the word “throwback” without really knowing what it means. What is the etymology of such word? My guess is that it is a compound word made of “throw” and “back”, which basically means “throwing back memories of the past”. The lingo of words are so creative that if we trace down how it came to such morphology, we would figure out why such words came to a reality.

Speaking of throwback, I was on my way downtown in the subway while listening to music. As usual, my playlist is on shuffle. Funny thing is, I like skipping songs to listen to a few of my favorites (like just two of them). But today, I didn’t mind skipping some songs. I went with the flow. It’s as if my mind was on autopilot or something. Then this specific song came up. It made me feel a whole lot of feels. I listened to this specific song last winter and after that, I haven’t heard it for quite a long time. After I have listened to it, the feeling of cold in my skin, the fiber of clothes I was wearing, the wind blowing on my face, all these came into my senses as if I was living in that moment again. I guess it is really my personality – I am a nostalgic person. Anything that can evoke any nostalgic emotion appeals to me. It’s not odd but I love looking into the future as much as I love looking back in my past.

Now that it’s a throwback thursday, I think I’m going to post an old photo in my digital diary album a.k.a. Instagram

Multiple wordpress accounts

I have just used my laptop after so many months. This laptop of mine was bought last 2012, making it 5 years old today. It’s still as functional as the sun. I won’t bother selling it or buying a new one. Unless I really need a faster OS speed.

Well, as I logged in to my wordpress account, I noticed that there were multiple usernames on the drop-down menu. It appears that I must have drunkenly or soberly made them like one to two years ago. It’s so funny what motherhood can do. You really forget what you did and if you already did that.

So… I will be using this as my sole public wordpress account.

Time check: 12:00am and the husband has arrived, too. Baby also sleeping soundly.

July 8, 2017. Saturday

People often say thank God it’s Friday, but I’m more thankful for Saturdays. I get to sleep longer and wake up a bit later than usual. I actually woke up at 7.30 am to tend to my son who tends to wake up super early but sleeps late very frequently. He went to his grandmother’s room and just played with her so I got some quality shut eye.

I had a deep sleep which is why I had complicated dreams during those daytime sleeping session. I hated how my dream went. I forgot what it was in detail but in my dream, I did so many wrong things. When I woke up, I had this relieving feeling that it was just a dream. And the better thing about it was that I saw my son sleeping beside me again. He must have felt tired playing in the morning. He woke up at 12 non and that means no more afternoon nap time for him. 

On a lighter note, I had quality time with family today. We brought our son to a kid’s cafe where there’s an indoor playground and at the same time, parents can sit down and have a cup of coffee and a glass of beer(?) It was a very eventful day and although I felts super dizzy because of my sinusitis (till now), I have managed to have some fun as well.

I am glad I have some time to sit down and blog. It’s like doing what I had done three years ago and it has not changed anything at all.

Today is also my bestfriend’s birthday. She is also 29 like me. we are growing old together in spirit. 

And now, i must go back to the usual mommy mode. My son has been watching a lot of shows on tv and gadgets that it scares everyone he might have eye problems or seizure or something. Until the next blog!

Birthday Celebrations

this day, the 7th of June 2017, marks my 29th birthday. To me, it was just a regular day as any other. My father told me that once you get older, celebrating birthdays will make you want for time to slow down a bit. I feel the same way now. After reaching the age of 25, I kinda stopped counting. So basically, in my mind, I am just 25 part 4, blah blah blah haha makes no sense but I sort of lost my sense of time after having a baby. Everything is a continuation of yesterday when I was 25. This sounds exaggerated but for most moms, this might be true. 

Here in Korea, people don’t really have the tradition of greeting someone once the clock hits 12 midnight. They wait the next day to actually have a decent meal or a birthday cake to say well wishes. After going to my doctor for a follow-up check on my nose, my husband and I went to this fancy looking restaurant in Dongbaek, Marine City. It’s a quaint place where you can see the Gwangan bridge from afar. The tables, chairs, hanging lamps, interior – all are perfect! Looks like a scene from one of the dreams in the movie Inception.

After work, I was able to finally reply to online greetings from friends and family. Despite the slightly harrowing distance which makes me miss how my life in my country was, those words, video calls, voice clips made me realize that I have and will always have connections with those people for the rest of my life.

At the end of the day, the all-time best gift is the gift of health and family. I can never be thankful enough that I have a loving family back home who takes time and effort and money to visit me and check up on me constantly, a rational yet adorable husband who never fails to make me realize a lot of life-related things, a mother in law who treats me as a daughter and friend, and the loveliest tiny human who always smiles and dances when he sees me go home from work. All these are possible because of how amazing our Lord is. 

Happy 29th birthday to me! 

Friday nights 

Back in the day, my Fridays were usually packed. I had to confirm appointments with friends. Now, I wouldn’t trade anything just to stay home and have a full night’s rest. Although the as a mother, you never get to really have a complete rest no matter what you do. Your child is dependent on you and you have to cater to his or her needs.  I have a lot to type but then my son is wriggling. He might wake up anytime. Will continue to blog soon. Xoxo

A mom’s procrastination woes

Recently, I have been dreading the fact that I have to wake up early and prepare for my part-time job. Then, I need to travel for an hour going to my workplace. Afterwards, I need to prepare for my classes for that day. In between those tasks, I honestly believe that I am wasting my time looking down on my phone and trying to make sense of what’s in Facebook. This time, I have decided to address the problem and really try to solve it without being tempted to look at the procrastinating website.

Last night, I was so proud of myself. I finally had the chance to finish reading my book “Time Machine” I was so elated to think that now I have the freedom to choose another book to read! It made me giddy because I know that I have accomplished something worthwhile instead of burning energy looking at my phone.

So now, here are a few reminders of how I could use my time in a wisely fashion to make me feel productive. At least.

  1. Read a book.
  2. Print out some worksheets for my son.
  3. Learn a new language.
  4. Listen to motivational audio books.
  5. Start a new business by brainstorming and making feasibility studies.
  6. Try to learn how to clean better and more efficiently (house stuff)
  7. How to get rid of molds
  8. Using baking powder or soda for cleaning (specifics)
  9. Try to learn new recipes
  10. aaannddd I will think of new ones.

The list is endless. There are plenty of ways to entertain oneself as a mom. And it doesn’t need to be tiring and futile.

I know that using social networking sites for a long time does not give good results. And the funny thing is, even if I get back home, I still check those social networking sites! talk about being irresponsible! Ha ha, laughing aside. I still do my best to be a better version of myself everyday.

I will start today. 🙂