A dip in our current favorite beach – Haeundae beach (해운대)

The summer heat in South Korea has reached dangerous levels. People are finding ways to cool down even though it’s tough to stay outside for more than ten minutes.

Fortunately, Busan, the second biggest city located in the south, is surrounded by beautiful beaches and on the plus side, these beaches are accessible, too! By train, you can take the green line and take off at Haeundae. It’s a fifteen minute walk from the station.

The beach has lots of beach tents for everyone. You can even set up your own camping tent for your comfort. Lots of people were just enjoying the summer feel of the beach. Others, especially the kids, were bursting with energy dragging their parents to swim with them haha. There are also services offered such as floater rentals, showers (for a fee of 2000 won), and an air hose to blow off the sand off your feet after strolling.

Here are some pictures of our beach-y day.


At first, the weather was hot and sticky, but as you walk nearer the shore and away from the angry sun, you’d get to appreciate how beautiful this place is situated. The air became fresh and the water is cool! My son enjoyed playing in the water with my husband. As for me, I just enjoy watching them together. Momma needs to be the pretentious photographer, no?

Summer doesn’t have to be boring and expensive especially when you have a little man who is always ready for ANY adventure. Sometimes, as a mom, I would rather rest than go outdoors. However, I can’t just let this fatigue ruin my son’s aching love for discovering new things and new experiences. I’m happy that my husband is supportive of this and despite him being tired from work, he, too, finds ways to amuse our little pebble.


Allergic to Spring’s dust

Spring is here! For most of us, spring is a great season to be outdoors because the weather is perfect for outdoor activities. However, some of us might think of spring as a heartbreaker because of the pollen allergy it brings. I am one of those severely affected by this allergen ever since I arrived here in Korea. What’s worse is the fine dust adds up to the air pollution, making it even harder to feel better on a daily basis.

In order to feel some sort of relief from the fine dust and pollen dust, I had to go to an ENT doctor. I have a chronic case of rhinitis so what I can do is to relieve my symptoms when it’s worse on some days. It is very important to rinse the sinuses using a netipot or a nasal rinse. It provides instant relief and at the same time, it relieves facial pressure.

There are times when sleeping is a daunting task because the pressure circumnavigates the face and it jerks you awake. What I do is I sometimes take painkillers because it disrupts my sleep cycle. Note that continuous consumption of painkillers is never advisable. That is why I only take it on really really really bad days.

I guess this is the new normal for me during spring-to-summer transition. The pollen, fine dust, air pollution, and all that are factors I need to consider to start my day with. The future is still uncertain and I am still hopeful that things will get better. There will always ways to make things better. I want this environment to be better for my son’s generation and the future generations to come.



Starting something new every day

If you are confused, lost, or even bored, this is a wake up call. This is a public service announcement to do something worth your time. It could be a simple gesture for others. It could be grand move for your self-development. Either way, it will be good because it came from a good source. What I am saying is that it is definitely the perfect time to do something you have always wanted.

What do we mean by doing something new every day? You might have thought about doing one thing in the past. One thing that you would like to develop or just try as a hobby or just by being curious. Take this as an opportunity to listen to yourself, to your thoughts, to the nature around you, to the energies you feel within, and to the energy that exists from others.

We get easily distracted by superficial things around us. Let’s say you wanted to learn how to knit, how to speak another language, or how to tone your body. Why not start on baby steps to achieve it? At the end of the week, the month, the year, you will not lose anything but you will gain something. And when you gain something that has accumulated in time, you will have these savings of mini accomplishments, which will turn out to get bigger and bigger at the end of the day.

Distractions are everywhere, you just have to be smarter than those distractions. Apart from being human, you also have to nourish the spirit, the soul. Talking to yourself using positive words will help you throughout this time of your life. Whichever state of living you are in, there is no doubt that change will happen. You always have to remind yourself and ask yourself, “Do I really want to live this way for the rest of my life?”, “Do I want to regret not trying something?”, “Am I doing this for the acceptance and entertainment of others?”, “Do other people really matter?”, “Do their opinions of me matter on a physical, mental, emotional, or even on an intellectual level?”. When you start to realize that you are worth more than these superficial tasks and acts, you will then start to see visions of yourself that you would want to happen in the near future.

People attract certain energies. People attract with their auras. There are many ways to achieve self-fulfillment. The problem nowadays is that people would do anything to impress others even if it means damaging oneself. We all have to remember that we have to do something with dignity. We have to do something because it means something to us and it could improve others in a good way.

Let this be a starting mark for us.

Let this be a wake up call that everybody deserves.


Sometimes, you just thank God and His angels for these small moments. What I am talking about is the time that you can have for yourself without the guilt and the pressure. Today, I have two hours for myself and this is more than what I could ever need to recharge my batteries. The previous week was a busy and tiring one. It never ceases to cause so much fatigue and yet here I am, still doing those tasks because that’s what I have to do. I have to juggle work and home and self care — all in one hand. That’s how hard it was.

However, this is not written to be complained about but to rejoice! My husband was kind enough to give me this two hours that he willingly looked after our son despite being tired himself.

There’s really a silver lining at the end of a long, dark tunnel. I use this time to reminisce and look ahead while living in the present. All dimensions of time are in my hands and head. Today is a happy day.


I have never felt more disconnected in my life. In this time and day of modern technology and fast-speed internet, there is a tendency to shut oneself of reality and instead immerse in the virtual world where we see what we want to see and strive for that artificial perfection to be a mirror of our own.

You see, it was simpler back then. It was way, way simpler than this.

I loved to watch my favorite series online but I still had time to do other things for the day. You can say, it was a productive one when things DO get done. Nowadays, I reminisce how my life was and in order for me to see what I have done in the past, I need to look it up in an internet vault of memories. This brings me to my dilemma: Am I not making new worthy memories because I am too busy to look back on what I used to be? Am I wasting my precious time looking at a screen when I can do something to really make a change in my life, in my son’s growth, in my personal growth?

I can’t help but feel disconnected despite all the virtual connections that are available. Facebook has just ruined it for me. It wants to be everything but in essence, is nothing. It wanted to cover interpersonal connections, news, business, and other matters but it fails to see the consequences of trying to fit everything in one platform.

It raises cases of depression among people.

It basically does more harm than good.

As for me, I need to curb my usage of this time waster.

I have to sort out how my life should be and not through someone else’s.

Plastic every time, everyday

Where do I start.

Some weeks ago, I was segregating our trash for recyclables. Here in Korea, recycling is a serious matter and it should be followed strictly. Back from where I came from, we didn’t really have these strict laws for recycling and segregating which is why I was really glad that I can do it them here.

But. (there’s always a but)

I have noticed the extreme use of plastic in everything. I noticed it first when we went into a restaurant and the server handed us some packets of wet wipes. At first, I thought it was so convenient and cute and hygienic way of giving us tissues. The, I saw it in individually packed straws. I mean. Straws. As well as spoons and forks in cafes and restaurants. It started to bother me. It bothered me all the more when they have this plastic gloves. Oh my goodness, who would do such thing? Apparently, it’s so normal here. People here use it for disposing trash without making their hands dirty. What a waste, right?

So, I asked my husband where do all these plastic materials go? Do they get recycled here or elsewhere? As far as I remember, we haven’t really found the elixir of plastic recycling. If so, then it wouldn’t wound up in our oceans. My husband’s response was “maybe. Why would we be recycling them then?” So I accepted that reason believing that these plastic materials go to a factory to be recycled.

Last night, I watched the news and the plastic materials were all just piled up neatly, in square shaped form, but not reformed. They were still the same as they were made. It made me very sad seeing this. I have been using plastic mindlessly and I am just adding more and more damage to my environment instead of minimizing and totally eliminating it.

It is high time for a wake-up call to everyone. It has been like this some decades ago but it’s becoming worse even without us knowing it.

It infuriates me how this society loves how everything is very much ‘disposable’. I believe it is up to me to change a bit of mindset in my own family. Showing a better example to my students and also exposing them to the effects of plastic usage will make them become more aware of looking after their environment.

Ideas, ideas, ideas.

This is what I am about to do next. Stay tuned.

Facebook: A modern virus

It has been happening for months now, or even a year. The mindless scrolling started out as a harmless way to kill time, to browse the recent activity of a friend or a family member, or even to read news tidbits.


I noticed something odd about the new version of Facebook. After reading enough in my newsfeed, naturally I just press the back button. This time, the app didn’t close. It refreshed the page instead. It’s comparable to a pinball game. Thus, the endless scrolling has begun.

And this happened for quite some time. I didn’t notice at first but the more I do it, the more that I can’t put my phone down. It made me lose time for myself, my focus for work, and precious time with my son.

I tried to limit my facebook usage by deleting the app, only to reinstall it later in the day. I really needed to address this situation.

When something is already becoming a nuance, the only thing to do is to cut the roots of what’s making you inefficient. As for me, I know deep in my thoughts that I will not stop using that stinking facebook app because it is my only window to the life back home. Also, there are many groups that help me in a number of ways like the minimalism group, moms group, and other community groups out there.

Maybe we all have to stop sharing our lives because we are not merely existing to just seek validation from what we post online.

Maybe internet has so much more to offer than wasting our time mindlessly scrolling our lives away.

The fact that I have seen the problem makes me more encouraged to deal with it and talk about it. The app itself is not helpful to curb one’s growing addiction to social media.

My life is not dictated by these sites. There is so much more to life.

And now, I end here. These are my 1:30 a.m. thoughts with a slightly feverish baby

The Weeklong Chuseok Holiday

Most families have their usual thanksgiving rituals and practices that require ample hours of preparation and some families choose to spend their holidays going somewhere to rest and relax. My family is a bit different and I see this set-up in a good way. I’m a working mom with two jobs plus I have to look after my little one when I get home. Thank heavens my mother in law lives with us so most of the chores are already done by her. This chuseok holiday, I took the time to really rest and spend time with my son. I know most moms can relate. Spending time with our offsprings is priceless. In my case, the need overpowers the want so I am here trying to balance both as a working mom.

I feel somehow that this holiday is not really about spending a lot and going somewhere lavish. I saw so many posts on facebook about families who go abroad or having vacations elsewhere. I used to feel sad that I couldn’t have vacations but looking at my situation now, it’s more of a breather that I stay home with my child. I bring him outside and have mini-dates with him. Those moments are indeed precious and I would never trade them for anything else. My husband also had the privilege to have this vacation. We both try our best to give time to our child. He is growing up and he would soon go to daycare. We will definitely miss the moments that he would always wait for us to get home from work or to even give us a goodbye kiss before we go to our respective workplaces.

I am happy with my chuseok holidays. I hope the other daughter-in-laws are having some quality rest too.

The start of September

Recently, I haven’t had the time to do some writing therapy or blogging or whatsoever related about writing. Good thing is that the little human is asleep and I have some minutes to spare!

Let’s start. Today has been a productive and fun day. My husband fetched me after work and we wandered around my workplace. Quite honestly, I would love to live in this neighborhood and everything about it is plain perfect. I took a few shots of where we walked. 
These skyscrapers are facing the beautiful sea and a peaceful looking island. It’s like a hidden place because it’s not visited by a lot of people. Mostly residents are the ones you can see wandering about in this area. 

As the sun was about to set, I caught a glimpse of how beautiful the scenery is. It’s more breathtaking in real life. We wanted to spend more time here but the seats in the restaurants were already reserved. Probably because it’s a Friday so we figured out we can just dine out somewhere else. 

This place is located in Marine City, Busan. It’s beside the famous tourist spot Haeundae.